How to Find Time to Knit & Finish In-Progress Knitting (and/or crochet) Projects

I know, I don’t make enough time and/or effort . . .

This is a fabulous article!!!  The number one tip:  STOP BUYING NEW YARN!

My second favorite . . . 3.  Frog the projects you’re not into.

Please, follow this link to read the entire article.  So many useful tips.

How to Find Time to Knit & Finish In-Progress Knitting Projects.

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MyPicot | Free crochet patterns Lace Pineapple Crochet Stitch

I am just feeling the need to share!  This website is absolutely fantastic.  So many beautiful patterns!  My Picot – free crochet & knitting patterns.  A wealth of information.

Lace Pineapple Crochet Stitch Diagram + step by step instructions


This Pineapple stitch pattern is gorgeous, don’t you think?  My Gramma Lucy’s favorite thing was the Pineapple Stitch.  I always think of her when I see one, and I can see her now.  Grandma’s hands.  Stitching away on some beautiful project.  Everything she did was spectacular to me.  And she was constantly busy with one thing or another from the moment her feet hit the floor until she closed her eyes at night.

Sooo . . . what would you do with this beauty?  Bedspread?  Tablecloth . . . with the perfect edging would be breath-taking.  Shawl? Scarf?  With some long flowing fringe on each end.  Oh!  The possibilities!

Here is the link to download the diagram pattern.

I hope this has been an inspiration to perhaps try something new.  If you haven’t learned to read diagrams yet, here’s a great opportunity to learn.  There are written instructions, picture tutorials as well as the diagram.

Happy Hooking!

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Pippin’s Flower Petals – YouTube

I have been trying to find this video tutorial for literally weeks!  In it you are shown how to make the perfect little flower embellishments.  I have wanted to try this technique on something…  anything!  But for the life of me, couldn’t find it.  So, I just put it in the back of my mind thinking, ‘one day, it will just come to me!’ and voila!  I got it in an email newsletter.  Oh, Happy Day!

Emily Explains: Knit From the Red Carpet

Here is the video tutorial of which I speak:

Now, I just wish I could remember where I wanted to put those little flowers…hmm.

Slouchy Beanies!  That’s it!  I think they would be absolutely adorable embellishing a simple stockinette stitch slouchy beanie pattern I use all the time.  Super Simple Slouchy Beanie by  I love this pattern!

Pippin's Flower Petals - YouTube

Super Simple Slouchy Beanie

Here is where I saw these beautiful little embellishments.  A cute little girl’s knit tunic pattern (which you can purchase in a booklet from Berroco

Now…can you see it???  These adorable little flower embellishments all over the Super Simple Slouchy Beanie???

Please!  Please, tell me what you think of my idea.  Who knows when I will actually sit down and DO IT!  But, I am inspired.  I love inspiration, and I hope I have inspired even one of you!

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My First Attempt at Knitting a Sweater! (Progress)

I am pretty excited about this project!  My first attempt at something wearable.  I was a good girl and made a swatch first.  :P

Free Knitting Pattern: Classic Sparkling Sweater

Lion Brand® Vanna’s Sequins Pattern #: L20329

knitting Classic Sparkling Sweater model

Rating: ***** 5.0 (based on 1 review)

SKILL LEVEL:  Easy (Level 2)

SIZE: Small, Medium, Large, 1X, 2X

Finished Bust 37 (40, 43, 47, 51) in. (94 (101.5, 109, 119.5, 129.5) cm)
Finished Length 23 1/2 (24, 24, 24 1/2, 25) in. (59.5 (61, 61, 62, 63.5) cm)

Note: Pattern is written for smallest size with changes for larger sizes in parentheses. When only one number is given, it applies to all sizes. To follow pattern more easily, circle all numbers pertaining to your size before beginning.

I am using the yarn recommended, which is Vanna’s Sequins Yarn, color: Champagne.  (The last I checked, you can still get a great deal by buying 3-packs!)

This first piece took me 2 – 3 weeks.  Blah!  Hopefully this being completed will inspire me to spend more time on the rest.  What do you all think???

This is the back piece.  Done.  It doesn't look like much now.  But, YAY!  I finished the first piece!

This is the back piece. Done. It doesn’t look like much now. But, YAY! I finished the first piece!

I hope I haven’t ‘jinxed’ it by posting so early in the game.  :D  

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MyPicot | Free crochet patterns

Oh!  The possibilities!!!

This stitch pattern comes with written instructions, as well as photo tutorial.

Very nicely done.

Foundation Chain: Multiples of 15 + 4

Techniques used in this stitch (British term / American term):

Chain stitch – ch

Double crochet / Single crochet – dc / sc

Treble / Double crochet – tr / dc

Double treble / Treble – / tr

Stitch – st

MyPicot | Free crochet patterns.

Just feeling the need to share!  Sorry I have been so absent as of late…you know how LIFE gets in the way.  I have been busy making though.  Now, I just need to make time to share my treasures.

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Dropped and Found Wrap ~ Free Knit Pattern | Jessie At Home

Something I would really love to try!!!

Dropped and Found Wrap ~ Free Knit Pattern | Jessie At Home.

At first sight I thought, “Oh, how fiddly and complicated it must be to make this huge stitch!  But, this stitch pattern is just too incredibly easy.  It is accomplished simply by using dropped stitches, then weaving, or ‘braiding’ them (in a manner of speaking) from bottom to top.

I am sure this look can easily be replicated in crochet as well using chain stitches.  And, I swear I saw a video tutorial on this as well…just can’t seem to find it now! (dadgummit)

Here’s a video to show just how easy this look is to accomplish this stitch by knitting:

Sooo, what I am thinking is…what a lovely blanket (afghan, if you are old-fashioned like me) this would make.  Super warm and snugly.  I would think that using over sized needles might give a very nice drape while not ending up too ‘bulky’.   Oh!  Bulky yarn!!!

Yet another ‘thing’ on my endless list of things-to-do!!!  Have a great weekend, and ~ GO HAWKS!!!  (Just had to throw that in!)  ~GMa Ellen

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Babouska Rose Blanket Tutorial


This is sooo lovely. A beautiful interpretation of a Crochet Granny Square…

Originally posted on BabyLove Brand:


My new love! The Babouska Rose Blanket. I am making this blanket, and have documented some tips for maximized results, so I decided to write some pattern support.

Related Materials:

See my horrible phone screenshot of the motif chart below… I interpreted the little plus sign in the circle as “SC in the back bars of the stitch indicated.” (Notes: Not the stitch *post*, rather just the back bars. Also, I worked a slip stitch instead of an SC to eliminate extra bulk.)


Here is a square from the pattern, with my modifications that I documented below.


Of course, I join everything as I go, so I rounded with the red SC, but the next motif is joined on that red round. (See…

View original 347 more words

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Emily Explains: Make 1 Right and Left


Re blogging so I remember…
Emily Explains videos are so awesome!

Originally posted on berroco design studio:

With a new season coming out soon, I’ve been brushing up on some of our commonly used techniques. Make 1 left (M1L) and Make 1 right (M1R) are my go-to increases when I am designing.

View original 87 more words

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Eastern Market Tote by CascadeYarns | Knitting Pattern link

Eastern Market Tote by Tanis Gray for Cascade Yarns. Free pattern on Craftsy!

Free pattern!  Eastern Market Tote by CascadeYarns | Knitting Pattern on my list-of-things-to-do.  I wonder…could I???

Also, check out the latest trending (free) patterns for knitting:

As well as crocheting:

I love Craftsy!!!

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From T-shirt to scarf | anna • evers – DIY Fashion blog

Perhaps you have seen ideas like this before, but I think I might just have to give this a try!  I have nothing to lose but an old t-shirt which I was probably going to get rid of anyway!!!

Fast and easy peezy!!!  I’ll bet these would be great with some tie dye!  What about embroidery?  Can you do that on t-shirt material???

See the entire photo tutorial here:  From T-shirt to scarf | anna • evers – DIY Fashion blog.

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