Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays . . . just sharing today

Well, it’s been a good long time!!! I have no excuses, but . . . forgive me ❤

Some photos for your viewing pleasure.  I will try to give links where possible:

This teeny tiny Teddy was made years and years ago. My goodness. My children were small. I love him to death. Haha. The teeny tiny Santa hat I made recently. A new favorite! Here is the link to the pattern for the hat:

I get all choked up when I see these ornaments. I made them long, long ago. I would love to make a hundred more, but sadly, I cannot get my hands on any more of these satin covered balls.


New wreath for the tree! It had a bare spot. 😀 You can find a link to the pattern in this, my blog post:



Crochet lace angel

Another ‘antique’ I made when my oldest was a baby. (She just turned 41!!!)


And the pattern for the tiny santa hat:

Wishing you and yours a blessed Holiday Season.  I hope to be back soon!  I was just an impulse today.  Haha…I need more ‘moments’.  Truth be told, I had an old fuddy duddy computer, and finally had enough. I replaced it, finally!  I have been so busy!     Yours truly  ~Gma Ellen


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Knitted washcloth – Woolly Twist

Sharing because one of my favorite things to do is knit dishcloths. Called a washcloth here, but you get the picture.  I love this whimsical pattern so much!

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen. I’m so exited! This is actually my first post, and to celebrate that, I’ll give you a free pattern for a knitted washcloth.   Knitted and crocheted wash…

Source: Knitted washcloth – Woolly Twist

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Modern Rose Afghan Tutorial – moogly

You know . . . there are just too too many wonderful ideas and patterns out there! I want to do them all. And I want them all done RIGHT NOW! Lols. But this! This is something!!! There is even a video tutorial, very nicely done. I just LOVE THIS!!!

The Modern Rose Afghan features a 6″ motif or crochet square that’s a lot of fun to make – but has an unusual set of instructions! Spirals can be tricky – so I’ve created a full video tutorial to demo this fun free crochet pattern! Disclaimer: This post includes […]

Source: Modern Rose Afghan Tutorial – moogly

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Knit Hooded Scarf – Idlewild AlaskaIdlewild Alaska

Sharing because I think this might just be worth a try!!! 

Here’s a fun pattern for your own knit hooded scarf. This wide scarf with a deep hood will keep you nice and warm this winter!

Source: Knit Hooded Scarf – Idlewild AlaskaIdlewild Alaska

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Travel Tools for Knitting and Crocheting on the Go – via Craftsy

I think I might just need to check my list for a little weekend getaway . . . sooo, what does your list look like??? I’ve got to be sure to check my list. Twice! Click the link for the full article…

Like to take your knit and crochet projects on all your adventures? In addition to yarn and a hook or needles, make sure you have these tools in your bag.

Source: Travel Tools for Knitting and Crocheting on the Go

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7 Portable Knitting Patterns – Lion Brand Notebook

Lion Brand website is one of my favorite resources . . . and here are just a few of the reasons why! Check it out:

Choosing the right knitting project is serious stuff! This list will provide you with some ideas for portable knitting patterns.

Source: 7 Portable Knitting Patterns – Lion Brand Notebook

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3D Pretty Blanket – Chart + Video Tutorial | Design Peak

Isn’t this just lovely??? How could I not share…3D Grannies!!! And FLOWERS!  As well as a video tutorial.  Too bad I’ve got too many WIPs right now…click the link for full details

Source: 3D Pretty Blanket – Chart + Video Tutorial | Design Peak

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Try This Stitch: Horseshoe Cables – Lion Brand Notebook

This is just lovely!  I would love to ‘try this stitch’!

Cables, like this Horseshoe cable, shine in solid color yarns. A single cable framed with garter or reverse stockinette stitch adds interest.

Source: Try This Stitch: Horseshoe Cables – Lion Brand Notebook

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5 Ribbed Knitted Lace Edging Patterns – Craftsy

Why was this never even a blip on my radar??? I have been looking for some inspiration . . .

Showcase your delicate side with these knitted lace edging patterns. Thes airy ribbings make great finishing touches for sweaters, socks and more.

Source: 5 Ribbed Knitted Lace Edging Patterns – Craftsy

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For Your Spare Time . . . Simply Seed Stitch Dishcloth

Just a short post to share one of my recent  makes!  ​

I love knitting dish cloths. They are perfect for in-between projects, or where you might need a break from a large one but still want to keep busy.  Any dishcloth can make the perfect take-along project. If you are a beginner knitter . . . well, you have just got to try it!

This dishcloth is such the perfect ‘mindless’ knit!!!   And, the knit/purl bumps will make this dish cloth a nice ‘scrubby’ favorite. Plus, it is completely reversible!

What I have here are the general directions to knit a . . .

Simply Seed Stitch Dishcloth.

Materials: 1 Ball of worsted weight cotton yarn. For example, Peaches & Creme 2 oz/56.7g; Lily Sugar’ n Cream 2.5 oz/70.9g.  (Expect to use anywhere from 32 – 37g of yarn)

Size 6 or 7 needles. (I find that tighter stitches make for a sturdier dishcloth.)

Cast on an odd number of stitches using any method preferred. Depending on the yarn, 33 – 35 stitches (more, or less!)

Row 1: *k1, p1. Rep fr * to the last st, ending with k1.

Row 2: Rep row 1 to desired length. (What happens is, you will always be ‘knitting’ the purls, and ‘purling’ the knit stitches.)

Bind off in pattern, weave in ends.

Your dishcloth measurement can vary depending on your own personal preference. 7 – 8 inches square.  Try playing with stitch and row count to find your perfect size.  Add some rows of contrasting color to use up any ‘fiddly bits’ of left over yarn in your stash.

Another quick note, there is no need for a ‘border’ as this stitch pattern does not curl.  It is perfect just as it is.

Knit dishcloths make the perfect hostess gift for any event you may be attending.  Give a set of favorite colors for the Holidays, special occassions or birthdays for that hard-to-buy-for, ‘has everything’ loved one. They do in a pinch when you need a last-minute gift.  I make a practice of keeping several in a stash.

I thought I didn’t like this color…

I wasn’t really sure where this post was going to go when I took this picture the other day at lunch.  Haha, I just loved this photo so much I thought I would share!  Sorry I didn’t get another shot of the final product but, you get the picture. Anyway…happy stitching!  ~GMa Ellen

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