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Removing Lead From Our Bodies | Wake Up World

By Jordan & Kyla Miller Contributing Writers for Wake Up World “There are six minerals that are considered non-essential toxic minerals. These are aluminum, mercury, cadmium, silver, gold and lead. Exposure to lead, which is considered a heavy metal, is almost impossible … Continue reading

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Originally posted on By Number 19:
5 Spirals Rug Last year I crocheted a bath mat, but I wasn’t really satisfied with the result: I had used a thin yarn and the mat doesn’t stay on the floor as it should. I…

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Super Simple Single Crochet Hexagonal Dishcloth – Picture Tutorial

So, I will simply walk you through it with pictures… OOPS, I forgot to take a picture here, but I am sure you can visualize it as we continue: With this pattern you can do soooo many things.  Don’t stop with … Continue reading

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The Yarn Monkey Chronicles: Firming Things Up — Clothesline Crochet Basics

I found this through a link on Pinterest.  (I love Pinterest, and spend entirely too much time there.  *sigh*) “This technique is similar to the padded construction of Irish filigree crochet but used less decoratively. It’s made by carrying a thicker … Continue reading

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Cotton Throw Rugs

So, I finished a special project I started several weeks ago.  This was a birthday gift.  I wanted to make something special for my son that he would have forever. I have seen a lot of afghans come and go. … Continue reading

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Crochet Swirl Cushion | Knit Rowan

  Some crochet inspiration for you to ponder . . . I just love this website: “The students of Nottingham Trent University were tasked by Marie Wallin to produce a design using our 100% British wool.  Naomi Lewis has designed … Continue reading

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Sunshine’s Creations.Vintage Threads Inc.: Free Pattern: Snow Queen Shawl/hair scarf

This is an absolutely fabulous blog.  But, this pattern in particular is what drew me in.  Click this photos or link and you find  wonderful picture tutorial of this stunning shawl pattern Special Stitches: V stitch : (dc, ch 2, … Continue reading

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Working My Magic, With Vintage Linen Boucle Thread.

He-he.  Well, at least I hope it’s magic!  If you recall, my last post “Vintage Treasures!”, I posted pics of some lovely thread I found at an estate sale.  Well, being the compulsive personality I am, I just dropped everything else I have … Continue reading

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Vintage Treasures!

First, some back story:  So, I get a call today from a friend at work.  There’s this place not far away that used to be an Auction House back in the day.  It’s been closed for many years.  Well, word … Continue reading

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12 Tips on How to Organize Your Yarn Stash | Lion Brand Notebook

I am posting this article from Lion Brand Yarn because I really, really need to get in and reorganize my yarn/thread stash.  Again.  I so often root around my yarn stash, before you know it, it’s a big pile of…well, … Continue reading

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