MyPicot | Crochet Flower Stitch

Just in time for May…you know: April showers bring May flowers . . . so, I couldn’t let this gem get by me without sharing!!!  Oh my goodness! I have some size 3 cotton crochet thread in my stash that will do the trick.  What to make of it??? The possibilities . . .

MyPicot patterns are fabulous.  They offer step-by-step pictorials (with written instructions) as well as the PDF pattern dowloads. This Crochet Flower stitch is no exception.  Almost all crochet patterns of MyPicot are presented as diagrams and have no written instructions.

MyPicot | Free crochet patterns

Source: MyPicot | Free crochet patterns

I hope you are having a wonderfully stitchy Saturday!!! Play with this stitch pattern and let me know what you think…love you all, and thanks for following!!! ~GMa Ellen


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Crochet Doodles. By . . . GMa Ellen

I have had a request to see an enlargement of the banner photo of my blog.  😀  I am having a little trouble with that.  But, here are a few photos I found in my blog gallery for starters.  Oh, my goodoness . . . . I forgot how much I love crochet doodles!!!

Well, I found one version of my favorite doodle photo.  It’s all ‘dolled up’! What do you think???


Here is where I found most of my favorite flowers.  A very nice book by Lesley Stanfield 100 Flowers to Knit & Crochet 

Gotta run!  Happy Monday morning to you all.  Enjoy your day, and do not forget to set aside some time for your crafty self!!!   ~GMa Ellen

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How to work japanese short rows – The Blog – US/UK

What are your thoughts on short rows?  There are several methods, to be sure.  Sooo . . . what’s your favorite??? 

To work short rows is a basic skill every knitter should have. This technique is good for a multitude of projects and is one that is good to know by heart because of its uses. Although you already know some ways to work them, we don’t want to leave out other new ways, who […]

Source: How to work japanese short rows – The Blog – US/UK

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MyPicot | Free crochet patterns

Ooooh . . . I love My Picot website.  Isn’t this pretty???

MyPicot | Free crochet patterns

Source: MyPicot | Free crochet patterns

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Knitted Broomstick Lace – YouTube

Wow.  I am so impressed with this video tutorial that I just have to share!!!  I had no idea you could do  Broomstick Lace with knitting.

Cast on with multiples of 5 stitches.  Two row pattern repeat.  What could be more simple?  I’ll just have to try it to decide I guess.  (Dropping yarn overs are just so . . . fiddly)

iknitwithcatfur tutorials are wonderfully done.  She makes it all seem so easy.

Please!  Tell me what you think…what would you do with this lovely stitch pattern???

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Try This Stitch: Fanfare Crochet – Lion Brand Notebook

This is a lovely crochet stitch!!!  I think I need to give it a try . . . Fanfare is a beautiful crochet pattern that\’s delicate and elegant without being too difficult. You can make something lovely in any weight of yarn.

Source: Try This Stitch: Fanfare Crochet – Lion Brand Notebook

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Knitting Chart Symbols

Wowzers . . . 12 pages of knitting chart symbols!  (I need to print this out) Many thanks to 

The Knitting Chart Symbols is a listing of knitting symbols collected from a large collection of knitting books and publications.

Source: Knitting Chart Symbols

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7 Important Yarn Facts

No matter how great your pattern is, or how skilled you are in your craft, yarn will always make or break your work. Yarn does matter, and telling the difference between one yarn and the next is essential for the quality of the finished product.

Follow this link to get: 7 Important Yarn Facts

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Carnation Flower Pattern Crochet Tutorial 77 How to Crochet Tube Cord – YouTube

I simply must try this . . . soon

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How to crochet the yo-yo pattern (video tutorial)

Although it looks intricate, it really only requires knowledge of the chain, double crochet, and slip stitch.

Source: How to crochet the yo-yo pattern (video tutorial)

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