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List of Cities Banning Plastic Bags Around the World –

So, I was just curious, and did some checking around . . . the list is growing, but this is really just a drop in the bucket.  Do you live in a city that has banned plastic bags? If so, … Continue reading

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Crochet Flower Hot Pad | Crochet Hot Pad | Free Craft Project

  Click the link for free pattern: Crochet Flower Hot Pad | Crochet Hot Pad | Free Craft Project.   This looks like something awesome to try!!!  A good way to go through some yarn stash too!

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Purple Crochet Mesh Reusable Shopping Bag by GMaEllenCrochetGifts

  And now  .  .  .  for a little shameless self-promotion: Purple Crochet Mesh Reusable Shopping Bag by GMaEllenCrochetGifts. Available from my Etsy shop.  These handsome and durable shopping bags are my ‘top movers’.  I have many, many colors to … Continue reading

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The Crochet Case: Tangles, Tantrums and Times Tables

The Anatomy of a Spiral via The Crochet Case: Tangles, Tantrums and Times Tables. I really want to try this!

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New Dishcloth – My First Tunisian Crochet Project

Just posting a quick update.  You saw the beginnings of the project in this post, Learning Tunisian Crochet.  I used a size L Tunisian crochet hook and worsted weight cotton yarn. I made it a very generous 9 inches square … Continue reading

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Happy One Year Anniversary to ME!

It suddenly occurs to me . . . I posted my very first EVER blog post one year ago (plus a few days)  July 15!  Happy Anniversary to G-Ma Ellen’s Crochet Corner!  (And I missed it!) Seriously???  Where did an … Continue reading

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New Crochet Books . . . \o/

I swear . . . no matter how long I live, it will never be long enough to do all the fabulous things I want to do with crochet (and/or knitting!). So, to add to that challenge, I have purchased … Continue reading

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Is Your Personal Information Visible to Everyone? | Newsletter | ParetoLogic

Just a bit of a reminder . . . from . . . “Facebook can be great for keeping in touch or even playing games with friends. However, it is important to protect yourself online. Using the tips above can help … Continue reading

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10 ideas that might be holding you back in your crochet journey | Official Site of the CLF

    ” CROCHET IS FUN! CROCHET IS A FORM OF CREATIVITY! CROCHET IS NOT A LIFE AND DEATH MATTER but your attitudes are…” to read more:  10 ideas that might be holding you back in your crochet journey | … Continue reading

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Joy Bauer’s Diet and Exercise Tips: All Chocolate is Not Created Equal

Everyone knows that when it comes to indulging your sweet tooth, dark chocolate is the best option. But is all dark chocolate created equal? Q. How do you know the dark chocolate you have is really good for you? Are … Continue reading

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