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5 Ribbed Knitted Lace Edging Patterns – Craftsy

Why was this never even a blip on my radar??? I have been looking for some inspiration . . . Showcase your delicate side with these knitted lace edging patterns. Thes airy ribbings make great finishing touches for sweaters, socks … Continue reading

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Dropped and Found Wrap ~ Free Knit Pattern | Jessie At Home

Something I would really love to try!!! Dropped and Found Wrap ~ Free Knit Pattern | Jessie At Home. At first sight I thought, “Oh, how fiddly and complicated it must be to make this huge stitch!  But, this stitch … Continue reading

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Lilac Wine » Savory Knitting and . . . the Tubular Cast On

Savory Knitting is a very nice blog I stumbled upon chatting in my Knitting group on facebook.  And here is a pattern featured, which I immediately fell in love with.  Isn’t it wonderful???  Simple elegance.  I’ve got to try it! … Continue reading

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Christina Lowry Designs: Ten things I have learnt about knitting

This is a very worthy read.  I also enjoyed reading all the comments, more and more to learn:   Christina Lowry Designs: Ten things I have learnt about knitting.

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Me Me Me | Lion Brand Notebook

I thoroughly enjoyed this article posted today at Lion Brand Notebook.  Here is a short exerpt . . . “Is knitting for yourself bad? If you are a hobbyist knitter, and your hand-made socks end up on your own feet and … Continue reading

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