Finished Project: the Mirth Cardi, from Interweave Crochet


Humble beginnings. Actually made a mistake in row 5…should have been triple-crochet clusters. I made dc clusters. :/ I don’t think anyone but you and I will know it! :D

Firstly, let me share the original blog post where I had started this beautiful project.  You will find all the information needed to make one yourself!

I used some 100% mercerized, combed cotton thread I had stashed away waiting for the perfect project.

The Mirth Cardi.  Designed by Jenny King.  Pattern in the Summer 2014 edition of Interweave Crochet Magazine

The Mirth Cardi. Designed by Jenny King. Pattern in the Summer 2014 edition of Interweave Crochet Magazine

A closer look:


Wishing I had a proper model to show it off for me!

















Well, there you have it.  Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend…







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k1p1 invisible bind-off tutorial


I need to remember to try this! :D

Originally posted on crankygrrrrrl:

this being my first real adventure in toe-up socks, i was a loss as to what bind off to use. sensational knitted socks didn’t have a recommended bind-off (did it?)…and i’ve read enough blogs to know that i needed something stretchy. a quick google search didn’t turn up much, although i did rediscover laurie b’s toes and heels webpage (it’s a fantastic collection of links for different toe and heel techniques…thanks!).

since you end at the cuff when you knit toe-up, the bind-off must be loose and elastic. it would be a tragedy to have (unintentionally) slouchy socks after all the time you put into it. i found a k1p1 invisible bind-off that i thought might work for me described in the twisted sister’s sock workbook. the wording was a little confusing, but i plowed on…and thought to put what i learned up on the ol’ blog to share…

View original 365 more words

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Starting the Mirth Cardi. Crochet project. From Interweave Crochet; Summer 2014

I have been searching for one of these circular type patterns for the longest time.  I am going to give this one a shot.  It really is beautiful.  The pattern says it is an Intermediate level.  (3 of 4).  It doesn’t look too awfully intimidating to me though.  lol

I subscribe to Interweave Crochet Magazine, and love receiving them in the mail!  It always feels like Christmas.  :D

About the pattern:

Working outward from a lacy back motif, this cardigan lasers out into a larger circle that shapes the front lapels. The completed garment is flattering on a range of shapes and sizes for a playful addition to everyone’s summer wardrobe.


FINISHED SIZE Child’s to fit 6 (8, 10, 12) years. Ladies 32-34 (36-38, 40-42, 44-46)” bust circumference. Use size that best fits cross-back measurement for best finished fit.

YARN Omega Yarns Eulali (100% mercerized cotton; 394 yd [360 m]/3½ oz [100 g]): #19 cream (adult), 3, (3, 4, 4) skeins; #31 salmon (child) 1 (2, 2, 2) skeins.

HOOK SIZE E/4 (3.5 mm); D (3 mm) for child size 6 only. Adjust hook size if necessary to obtain correct gauge.

NOTIONS Yarn needle.

GAUGE Adult: first 5 rnds = 6″ when stretched. Child: first 4 rnds = 4″ when stretched (slightly smaller for 6 years).

Isn’t this just the most gorgeous thing???

I have cones of dark navy blue cotton mercerized yarn/thread.  I have been trying to use it up for years!  So, I am going to attempt using a portion of it on this beautiful crochet cardi.  Here is my progress.  I started it yesterday.  I only had to rip out one row so far!  lol



Humble beginnings!

Well, wish me luck.  I hope I haven’t jinxed it by posting…  :)  I’ll keep updated on my progress…

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Converting Flat Stitch Patterns for Knitting in the Round, on Scribd.

I found a fantastic article on Sapphires-n-purls blog with instructions on how to convert stitch patterns from flat knitting to knit them in the round.  Read the article…Converting Flat Stitch Patterns for Round Knitting

The  document, on scribd for instructional tutorial:  Converting Flat Stitch Patterns for Knitting in the Round.

Recommended books:  A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns is on my wish list!

I have this one, but I have yet to take the time necessary to fully appreciate it’s wealth of information.  You can find it on

This is a very, very nice book. With a wealth of instructions and projects.





I can’t wait to get started using the tips found here and make some fabulous new cowls, and infinity scarves.  As soon as the weather allows, of course. 

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How to join your yarn by making a double knot – YouTube

This video tutorial will show you how to join a new ball of yarn to your knitting or crochet by making an invisible knot. This knot is very strong and leaves no ends to weave in.

via How to join your yarn by making a double knot – YouTube.

I wish I had found this video before I started my last project!  Well, onward and upward!!!

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Off the Needles…My Blanket of Many Colors!

I am so happy with the end result of this beautiful and simple knit blanket!  In fact, I am in love.  I successfully went through a bit of my cotton yarn stash…although, I am fairly certain that I could easily make several more with what I still have left.  Well, I have a good idea as to how much yarn to use if I plan a bigger, or smaller throw.

Simple and fun!  Knit in the timeless Seed Stitch

Simple and fun! Knit in the timeless Seed Stitch

All rolled up.

All rolled up.

All told, I used approximately 21 ounces of yarn, or close to 595 grams.  (Which, in retrospect, doesn’t seem like all that much.  That’s less than 10 balls @ 2.5 oz. ea.)  Far less than I had anticipated.  Perhaps this is because I spent so many years doing only crochet, which takes more yarn~generally speaking.

The measurements are quite variable, because I used size 11 needles, the blanket is very stretchy!  48″ x 52″ if I just toss it out on the floor without stretching.  It is a perfect size throw for a nap on the couch.  :D

I can’t wait to take this new lovely on an upcoming family camping trip next week.  I will be sure to post some pics.  It will come in handy if the evening and early mornings are chilly.  It makes a perfect wrap as well!  As a matter of fact . . . I have contemplated making a shrug out of it.  Hmm.  Next project???

For my throw I cast on 121 stitches . . . if you use an odd number of stitches, you will always begin and end the row with a knit stitch.  Also note, with this stitch, your project will lay flat, with no curling at the edges.

I have included a video tutorial on how to knit the Seed Stitch (Continental Style)  This style of knitting makes the stitch so much more efficient.  And, I can honestly say, if it were not for Continental Knitting, I would not even be a knitter today.  I may not ever be a Master Knitter . . . but I am certainly a happy knitter!


via How to Knit the Seed Stitch – Continental Method – YouTube.

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Free Crochet Pattern 90263AD Kid’s Sun Hat : Lion Brand Yarn Company

Free Crochet Pattern 90263AD Kid's Sun Hat : Lion Brand Yarn Company

Isn’t this adorable???  Kid’s Sun Hat!  It is on my ‘list-of-things-to-do’.Free Crochet Pattern 90263AD Kid's Sun Hat : Lion Brand Yarn Company

This pattern looks super easy…and calls for this fabulous Lion Brand yarn:

Lion Brand® Recycled Cotton

Free Crochet Pattern 90263AD Kid's Sun Hat : Lion Brand Yarn Company

*Recycled Cotton (Article #482). 74% Recycled Cotton, 24% Acrylic, 2% Other Fiber    ; package size: 3.50oz/100.00 gr. (185yds/169m) pull skeins

Recycled Cotton Yarn

Article # 482

Spun from soft recycled cotton, this yarn is perfect for baby clothes, lightweight garments, and even washcloths. Made from cotton fabric pieces that would otherwise be discarded when fabric is cut to produce tee-shirts, our Recycled Cotton yarn reduces waste and conserves resources. These clippings are sorted by color, minimizing the amount of dyeing needed for the final yarn. The sorted cotton fiber is then blended with acrylic for enhanced performance. We have created exclusive shades by blending colors to create beautiful, unique heathers and tweeds.

Free Crochet Pattern 90263AD Kid’s Sun Hat : Lion Brand Yarn Company.

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PDF Pattern – Crochet Lace Shell Wine Bag, Tote, Cozy

Received a glowing review of my pdf pattern today, and I just have to share! :D  

Irene:  “Downloaded the pattern straight away, made next day and have already used it to take a bottle of wine to dinner. Had many compliments on facebook as I put a pic up of the finished product. Thank you for the pattern.”

A few of the other reviews I have received . . .

Danielle:  “This is an awesome pattern and definitely worth the money! Very easy to make and quick. Took me less than 3 hours (while watching TV).”

Viana:  “Made this for a Christmas gift and it was a big hit. Easy instructions.”

Chellalu:  “Instructions were very simple to follow…very happy with my purchase and final product!! :)”

This pattern takes only a very small amount of yarn.  Great for destashing.  Great gift!  Great to take to the market.  Available for purchase:  PDF Pattern – Crochet Lace Shell Wine Bag, Tote, Cozy.

Just as a footnote, this pattern can be adjusted to make different sizes of bags, larger tote for bigger bottles, etc.  Check it out for yourself.  Any of you already tried this pattern???  Have a picture you would like to share???  Post it to my facebook page!

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Link: The graphic chart of my crochet mood blanket square, by Le monde de Sucrette


I have been seeing photos of this crochet “Mood Blanket”.  Finally found something…it looks ridiculously easy!  And fun too!!! Crochet Mood Blanket

Click here, for The graphic chart of my crochet mood blanket square.

Here is a link to the blog’s homepage.  She does fabulous work!  Take a look around:  Le monde de Sucrette

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Coffee Shop Knitting: 4 Tips for Knitting in Public

I am not generally a ‘public’ knitter.  Well…I do a bit of knitting on my lunch break at work.  Sometimes.  Does that count???  A great article with some really good tips:

Did you know that June 14th – 22nd is World Wide Knit in Public Week? I couldn’t be more excited because I am most definitely a public knitter. I have knit in most places you can think of: trains, planes, bars, restaurants, even movie theaters. But by far the public places that I knit at the most are coffee shops. It helps that my weekly knitting group meets at a coffee shop, but there is something about the mood in a coffee shop that just make you want to settle in and knit away!

“Despite my extensive experience with knitting in public, I have had plenty of mishaps. There are some things that I have learned along that way that can help you have a more successful, relaxing and overall enjoyable coffee shop knitting experience!”

Continue reading the entire article for all the tips:  Coffee Shop Knitting: 4 Tips for Knitting in Public.

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