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GMa Ellen Crochet Gifts on Pinterest

Just sharing…GMa Ellen Crochet Gifts on Pinterest.  I have added a few new boards, and a LOT of pins.  😀  Knitting, crochet, lots of misc. crafty ideas, tips and tricks.  Foodie stuff (haha, just a little).  Plus, a lot of … Continue reading

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Pins from gmaellenscraftycorner.wordpress.com

  It’s like a pictoral ‘recap’ of my blog posts!  Take a look:  via Pinterest.   Some pins by me, a lot by others!  Nice to know I am noticed.  ♥  

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I thought it high time I shared My Pinterest. Again.

Hello everyone . . . Look!  It’s me!  GMa Ellen. Actually, this is me before I lost a bunch of weight, so my face is a BIT pudgy.  Ellen Mackler (ellen_mackler) on Pinterest. ENJOY!

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Shawl. Comments: LiveInternet – Russian Service Online Diaries (link)

I found this while browsing Pinterest today: Shawl. Comments: LiveInternet – Russian Service Online Diaries. There are a couple other diagram patterns on this page which are quite stunning also.  But I have always had a soft spot for the … Continue reading

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Crochet and Craft Inspiration on Pinterest (fixed links)

Just a few new things.  On my list of things to do.  (As if it weren’t long enough already!  😀 My Pinterest (to see all my boards)

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My Crochet Inspiration…On Pinterest (fixed links)

Sooo, look who’s all into shawls, wraps and the like!  😀 Crochet and Craft Inspiration – shawls, shrugs and wraps If I am uber-ambitious . . . I will have some posted to my Etsy Shop someday!

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My Native Roots on Pinterest

  Do any of you Pin?  That is . . . on Pinterest??? Here is a link to one of my boards My Native Roots.  I hope you will enjoy, and check out my other boards as well and follow! It’s … Continue reading

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