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Crochet Diagrams to try . . .

I shared this quote on my facebook page the other day.  I feel the need to share it here as well because I am one of those types of people that does not like having nothing to do . . … Continue reading

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Crochet – Shamrock Edging Pattern Link

As promised, I said I would try to find out where I got the patterns for my previous post Happy St. Patrick’s Day, with some “Irish” Crochet This website, called mypicot.com has a ton of beautiful pattern links.  Knit as well … Continue reading

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New Stash! New Project! Aunt Lydia’s Fashion 3

My stash of yarn and thread just keeps growing!  Anyone else have that problem???  I just can’t stop!  And I can’t keep up!   Such is the life of a yarn/thread crafter.  This time I really DID get a great … Continue reading

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Crochet Diagrams: I figured this one out . . . now what to do?

Awesome web page with many many crochet motif diagrams. Minidečky – háčkované posbírané. I am so happy that I decided (years and years ago) to subscribe to a magazine called “Magic Crochet”.  Does anyone remember it?  It went out of … Continue reading

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