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Working My Magic, With Vintage Linen Boucle Thread.

He-he.  Well, at least I hope it’s magic!  If you recall, my last post “Vintage Treasures!”, I posted pics of some lovely thread I found at an estate sale.  Well, being the compulsive personality I am, I just dropped everything else I have … Continue reading

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Vintage Treasures!

First, some back story:  So, I get a call today from a friend at work.  There’s this place not far away that used to be an Auction House back in the day.  It’s been closed for many years.  Well, word … Continue reading

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12 Tips on How to Organize Your Yarn Stash | Lion Brand Notebook

I am posting this article from Lion Brand Yarn because I really, really need to get in and reorganize my yarn/thread stash.  Again.  I so often root around my yarn stash, before you know it, it’s a big pile of…well, … Continue reading

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Shawl. Comments: LiveInternet – Russian Service Online Diaries (link)

I found this while browsing Pinterest today: Shawl. Comments: LiveInternet – Russian Service Online Diaries. There are a couple other diagram patterns on this page which are quite stunning also.  But I have always had a soft spot for the … Continue reading

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I Must Be Crazy . . . I Just Started Three Variations of the Same Project!

The pattern is called Chakra Neckerchiefs.  I found it while browsing through a few of the myriad of magazines I hauled out today looking for new inspiration. The pattern really is SUPER SIMPLE, just like the cover says!  But it is so attractive I … Continue reading

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New Stash! New Project! Aunt Lydia’s Fashion 3

My stash of yarn and thread just keeps growing!  Anyone else have that problem???  I just can’t stop!  And I can’t keep up!   Such is the life of a yarn/thread crafter.  This time I really DID get a great … Continue reading

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