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From T-shirt to scarf | anna • evers – DIY Fashion blog

Perhaps you have seen ideas like this before, but I think I might just have to give this a try!  I have nothing to lose but an old t-shirt which I was probably going to get rid of anyway!!! Fast and easy peezy!!! … Continue reading

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Royal Ball Winder . . . I Can’t Stop! :D

Sooo, I purchased a Royal ball winder online.  Free shipping, pick-up in store, from Walmart.  (I hope that’s not a dirty word.)  I picked it up yesterday after work.  First, I did some organizing, putting my library on a re-purposed book shelf, … Continue reading

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TECHknitting: The ball winder–a useful tool, especially with long color repeat yarns

I found this website today which has a plethora of useful information! Case in point, I have been looking for one more good reason  to purchase a ball-winder.  I have recently seen one put to good use in a video tutorial … Continue reading

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TIMEWASHED: August 2011

Here’s the blog . . . I found this on Pinterest the other day, and here’s a link to the post.  Aren’t these the most gorgeous things???  Such a simple idea, I don’t know why I had never thought of … Continue reading

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Knitting Needles and Tools Reviewed

“Take a look at your stash. See all those leftovers from projects past? Assorted oddballs and mini-skeins of this and that? What if you wanted to use them for a project? Some are still in the original packaging, but many … Continue reading

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List of Cities Banning Plastic Bags Around the World –

So, I was just curious, and did some checking around . . . the list is growing, but this is really just a drop in the bucket.  Do you live in a city that has banned plastic bags? If so, … Continue reading

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The Uncluttered Lifestyle: Making Standard Binders Pretty

The Uncluttered Lifestyle: Making Standard Binders Pretty. This looks like such a fabulous idea!  I have several binders full of crochet patterns that I have photo copied, or printed from the web.  These binders look great, as well as being … Continue reading

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Happy International Yarnbombing Day! 2012

This is purely a ‘spectator sport’ for me.  I really don’t feel the need to participate, but I do admire the fortitude of all those ‘bombers’ out there! Here’s a link to my Pinterest Board

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My First Rectangular Rag Rug. Another “Something To Learn From”

I am in the middle of bartering for an antique walnut cannonball type bed frame.  This happens to be my fist experience with bartering, now that I think of it. My friend Nancy and I went back and forth a … Continue reading

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c.w.frosting: Recycled Crochet Stitch Markers

I found a fabulous tutorial (two in one actually!) How to make the paper beads, and how to put together some really nice stitch markers. I have got to try this, soon!  😀 ♥  Really, you could make some fabulous … Continue reading

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