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10 Ideas to Stay Inspired During a Crafting Hiatus | Lion Brand Notebook

 A great article posted on Lion Brand’s blog recently.  What a great website and blog!   I don’t think I have ever been on a crafting hiatus.  You???   I am thinking the idea here is finding other outlets of creativity and/or … Continue reading

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“Why bother knitting a scarf?” : TreeHugger

Okay, so…I am not necessarily a “tree-hugger”.  But I came across this article and thought it interesting enough to share.  Please, give it a read! “The act of knitting is a strange combination of relaxation and activism, of protest and … Continue reading

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Sip and Knit a Spell . . .

Spring has sprung!  I ventured out to the front porch for a little while this evening with my knitting.  (And a nice glass of wine.)  It was certainly beautiful and sunny out, but the sun is beginning to set and … Continue reading

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In-Depth Review of Knitting Yarn

Beat the Winter Blues: 10 Tips for Kickstarting Your Inspiration “People are innately creative. We are a species of makers. But sometimes, and usually when we least expect it, that well of creativity dries up. We pick up our knitting … Continue reading

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The Hidden Truth that Keeps You Procrastinating – Lifehack

  The Hidden Truth that Keeps You Procrastinating – Lifehack. May I just say . . . I do believe I am the last of the Great Procrastinators.  So, this article gives me hope.

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G-Ma Ellen’s Favorites on Etsy

A few of my favorite kinds of things . . . These are just a drop in the bucket.  All, taken from my favorites list on Etsy, which you can see in it’s entirety here:  Ellen Mackler’s Favorites on Etsy. … Continue reading

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Crafting + Health | Crochet Saved My Life

I hadn’t opened one article and decided I must share.  A ton of articles on the health (and wellbeing) benefits of crochet:  Crafting + Health | Crochet Saved My Life. As for me?  Crochet is my passion, my obsession! My therapist, … Continue reading

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Frugal by Choice, Cheap by Necessity: How do you make lotion bars? None of your beeswax!

I stumbled across this Lotion Bar recipe on Pinterest.   *gasp*  That place I spend entirely too much time!  The pictorial is very easy to follow, and straightforward.   Made with three easy-to-find ingredients:  beeswax, almond oil and coconut oil (one … Continue reading

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I thought it high time I shared My Pinterest. Again.

Hello everyone . . . Look!  It’s me!  GMa Ellen. Actually, this is me before I lost a bunch of weight, so my face is a BIT pudgy.  Ellen Mackler (ellen_mackler) on Pinterest. ENJOY!

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Just sharing, a little this and that . . .

So, I haven’t posted anything in a while.  Mostly I have been practicing (and un-practicing) my new knitting skills.  Some fun.   This morning I am sitting here contemplating the rapid passing of time.  Good grief!  Just last weekend the … Continue reading

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