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Thoughts on Meditation, and Knitting and Crochet Therapy

How many of my followers practice meditation?  I have often thought about giving it a try.  But the more I think about it . . . the more I think, I already do practice it.  I practice through my knitting, and crochet. … Continue reading

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Stitch Diva Blog – Learning to Lucet

Hellooo…I do hope this blog post finds you all doing well!  Happy Saturday! I got a fabulous newsletter this morning in an email.  It immediately intrigued me!  I think I have seen this tool somewhere before, and I remember that it … Continue reading

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Along My Journey, Learning to Knit Lace . . . the Horseshoe Print, and more.

Let me just start by saying, I have been an avid crocheter for over 35 years now.  Crochet to me is just second nature.  Knitting, on the other hand . . . is definitely like learning a new language.  But, … Continue reading

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FO and Tutorial: Polymer Clay Shawl Pin | Eskimimi Makes

I have been wondering how I could make some nice shawl pins.  I found this today: “To make your own you will need small amounts (¹⁄₈ to ¹⁄₄ blocks) of polymer clay in three or four colours and a small stick … Continue reading

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New Crochet Books . . . \o/

I swear . . . no matter how long I live, it will never be long enough to do all the fabulous things I want to do with crochet (and/or knitting!). So, to add to that challenge, I have purchased … Continue reading

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Knitting Journal . . . Seed Stitch II

Sooo . . . who says knitting is faster than crochet!?!  I beg to differ.  But, then again, I am still a beginner.  😀 I am working on learning the Seed Stitch II . . . according to: This is … Continue reading

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Learning Tunisian Crochet

I seem to recall that 30 years ago (more or less) it was called the Afghan Stitch.  I never really did find it too appealing.  However, in this ‘modern’ age, so many different things are being done with it.  And … Continue reading

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Wow, I was never a big fan of chunky weight yarn . . .

I realize that this doesn’t really seem to be the time of year to be knitting, (or crocheting) with chunky weight yarn, but the weather here in Southeastern Washington has been just CRAZY.  There is supposed to be snow in … Continue reading

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Liana Kabel’s Vintage Knitting Needle Jewelry – The Beading Gem’s Journal

Just had to share! Liana Kabel’s Vintage Knitting Needle Jewelry Continue reading here: Liana Kabel’s Vintage Knitting Needle Jewelry – The Beading Gem’s Journal.

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News Flash!!! Look what the postman brought me!

I really had not intended to do any more posting today.  But after I finally realized there was mail . . . I just had to share! I am not much of a knitter, but I am trying.  I have … Continue reading

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