My Version of The Beekeeper’s Quilt – In Progress

I just love this pattern for ‘The Beekeepers Quilt’! by Tiny Owl Knits
Here is a link where you can take a look at and purchase the PDF pattern. (Well worth the fee. I RARELY ever shell out $$$ for a pattern.) It is also available at or on if you prefer.

Using two size 8 circular needles.

I have changed it up a bit, using up my scraps of worsted weight yarn and using size 8 needles. My hexi-flats (as I call them because I am opting not to stuff them. Just my own personal preference.) are approximately 4″ across point to point. 

The pattern also suggests using double-pointed needles which  I found to be far too unweildy and have opted to use two circular needles.  A neat trick is to use two different types/brands of circulars.  Always keep the same needle at the ‘front’ of the hexipuff, and the other in back.  This helps lessen confusion. Also, I would use 24″ length needles.  I have one 16″ and one 24″, but sometimes the 16″ gets a bit . . . . fiddly.  But, I’ll have to make a trip to the craft store to change that.

With practice, they do get easier and in no time at all you will have whipped one out! It’s a fabulous, fun and satisfying ‘take-along’ project, or something to work on ‘in-between’ larger projects to distract you but keep you busy as well.

There you have it!  If I am very diligent . . . in a few months I will have plenty of these beautiful hexigons to put together into a warm, cozy blanket! And if I am SUPER diligent, perhaps I will take advantage of the Options charts to work duplicate stich patterns on to the center of some of the hexipuffs.  *sigh*

I haven’t been around in quite some time!  I really have no explanation for my ‘blogging’ absence.  I beg your forgiveness!  I do so appreciate all your attentions!  I hope you  will comment, so I can . . . feel the love!!!  ~Yours truly, GMa Ellen

About gmaellenscraftycorner

I am a recently widowed, mother of three wonderful, grown children, G-Ma (Grandma) to seven beautiful grandchildren. I work full time at a nearby grocer as the Pricing Coordinator. In my spare time, I craft and blog. Crochet is my obsession, my compulsion. My best friend, my therapist. I also have learned I love to knit! Who knew??? I may never be a master knitter, but I am a happy knitter. :D Work, family, Women's Pool League, crafting and blogging. Pretty much takes up every waking minute of every day, but besides that I love movies and music (which I can enjoy while I am crafting!). And here I thought I didn't have a life! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog. I appreciate every click. :D My Etsy
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6 Responses to My Version of The Beekeeper’s Quilt – In Progress

  1. Carina says:

    Those hexi-flats are very beautiful! I am looking forward to seeing them joined. What cast-on method did you use? So good to see you here again – Carina.

    • Thank you for your comments Carina! I appreciate it very much. ❤

      The pattern's suggested method is to cast on 20 sts (nothing specific) on one needle and then divide them onto your two working needles. What I do instead is a long tail cast onto both needles, alternating front-back-front-back, etc. It takes a little practice. The ridge gives a nice edge effect.

      • Carina says:

        How did you know it was the ridge I liked 🙂 Thank you!! I seriously think about joining you. (Maybe one hexi-flat per day or the like). It’s so tempting to always have my knitting with me …

      • 😀 You should! One a day is totally an achievable goal. Perfect little project to take along. I always have such a sense of accomplishment when I finish one tiny hexi! Haha…silly, I know. But, it’s the little things that bring the most joy

  2. iesadora says:

    Those hexagons make beautiful blankets and they are so versatile, I have a friend that did one out of fabric bits. Looking forward to taking a peek into your yarn stash 😉

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