New Crochet Basket, Using “Navajo Knitting”. ♥ Cotton Yarn ♥

As promised, I said I would share my adventures with “Navajo Knitting”/Crochet.  As soon as I watched the video, I went straight to my overabundant cotton stash and found this beautiful Rose color.  I must have had about 2 lbs, just waiting for the perfect project!

This pattern, my own creation, just about makes itself.  Especially with triple thick strands!  It is a bit heavy, but I will just bet you, it will still be in use in the year 2525.  LOL  (That’s only 12 years . . . )

The basket itself used up around 13 oz. of my yarn stash.  \o/

Soft sided basket/bag

Soft sided basket/bag  This isn’t a true representation of the color.  The camera really made the color  ‘pop’!


Held inside, 6+/6 ounce skeins of Lion Brand's Homespun yarn.

Held inside, 6+/6 ounce skeins of Lion Brand’s Homespun yarn.

This is an adaptation of one of my favorite creations.  The pattern is available in my Etsy shop.  Just make more of the base rounds, less of the rounds of shell stitch . . . experiment with hook sizes . . . single strand, multiple strands.  I use this pattern to make bags, totes, baskets, and even hats (without the handles, of course!)

Crochet Lace Shell Wine Bag, Tote, Cozy PDF Pattern

I hope I have sparked your creative imagination a little.  Let me know if I can anwser any questions . . . happy hooking!

Link to ‘Navajo Knitting’ video:


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I am a recently widowed, mother of three wonderful, grown children, G-Ma (Grandma) to seven beautiful grandchildren. I work full time at a nearby grocer as the Pricing Coordinator. In my spare time, I craft and blog. Crochet is my obsession, my compulsion. My best friend, my therapist. I also have learned I love to knit! Who knew??? I may never be a master knitter, but I am a happy knitter. :D Work, family, Women's Pool League, crafting and blogging. Pretty much takes up every waking minute of every day, but besides that I love movies and music (which I can enjoy while I am crafting!). And here I thought I didn't have a life! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog. I appreciate every click. :D My Etsy
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15 Responses to New Crochet Basket, Using “Navajo Knitting”. ♥ Cotton Yarn ♥

  1. Greeeeat…now I have Zager and Evans popping off in my head. “In the year, 2525…If Man is still alive….This basket will survive…and be fiiiiiine”
    GORGEOUS!!! So what if it’s heavy. It will last!

  2. How cool! Is your pattern listed on Ravelry? I don’t have time to make it at the moment, but I’d love to put it in my queue so I remember to make it this summer.

  3. I really like the different textures that are created by the different stitches.

  4. I was very taken with the Navajo video you linked to, it’s a brilliant technique.

    • 😀 Me too! I am experimenting with a triple strand of linen thread to make the ‘easiest shawl’ pattern. I love it! I want a very loose stitch, so I am using size 8 needles. My goal is to edge it with crochet . . .

  5. Navajo knitting/crochet is a really interesting concept … must try it! Love the pink basket … =D

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