Motif Magic. A Work-in-progress . . .

So, I’m just gonna throw this out there and see how it looks.  I have been stuck on making cowls as of late.  They are just so . . . pretty!  And they don’t take forever to make.  I began by thinking I might make a fabulous throw, or spread.  But, I just don’t seem to be any good at completing a large project.  (Or, at least I haven’t found one that I am passionate enough about, yet.)

I never know quite where the inspiration is going to come from.  I found a lovely table runner in a J. & P. Coats/Southmaid booklet called “Table Treasures”.  (Book 0134)

Thought I would look through some of my booklets for a change. This one has 5 lovely table decorations. Tablecloths, runners and toppers.

This doesn’t really look like a ‘table runner’ to me. More like a scarf. Table scarf!

I thought this motif looked interesting. Perhaps worked up in something other than thread . . .

I really like the center of the motif all by itself. I may work up something with just this part of the pattern. 😀

Here, a couple of motifs worked together. Made with my favorite yarn, Caron’s Simply Soft

Here is the work in progress. Seven motifs worked in the round, two rows.

Another view. (Cloudy daylight in through the window.) I really love this nice soft shade of peach.

I have a few ideas on how to finish this lovely.  The photos don’t really give you an idea of the size.  Right now it measures about 38″ around, and 9″ tall.  It doesn’t really have enough ‘substance’ for my  liking.  So, I was thinking I could add another row or two of motifs, then it would be really nice and warm around the neck.  It would kind of fold up on itself nicely.  Or . . . I was thinking about a lining.  Maybe.  Crochet??? Fabric???  Color???  A nice green background might be quite stunning.

Then, there would be an edging to think about.  Maybe.

I think I’ll sleep on this one some more.  Until the weekend.

Please . . . share your thoughts!  I love hearing from you all!






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10 Responses to Motif Magic. A Work-in-progress . . .

  1. Beautiful – the yarn you’ve used really suits the pattern! I like the idea of the table runner becoming a scarf, too =D

  2. Shawna says:

    Looks beautiful so far! I love the peach color too, I have yet to work with that color in Simply Soft (Also one of my favs!) ♥

    I think this piece would look amazing as neckwear, or as an open lacy pillow cover over a neural off-white, tan or brown! Keep up the amazing work, talk to you soon! ♥

  3. I too love the idea of a table scarf. The motif you are working is beautiful I really like the twist at the end of the petals. I am sure that you have inspiration by now! Looking forward to seeing it finished.

  4. Forgot to say – if you are ever looking to get rid of any of your books ….. You have such a lovely collection 🙂

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