Caron’s Simply Soft, simply knit . . .

So here’s a thing I have been working on for about a week and a half or so.  No pattern, just a concept.  I chose my circular knitting needles size 11.  Grabbed some Simply Soft yarn, color – grey, from my yarn stash.  Then I cast on 200 stitches and knit in a circular fashion until I ran out of yarn.  24 rows, about 6 inches.  Then, I switched to black and knit 24 rows, switched back to grey and will continue for 24 rows.

Caron’s Simply Soft yarn, in grey and black. Approximately 72 inches around, 18 inches top to bottom.No edging yet.

Another, longer view . . .

So, my plan is to try a bind off which incorporates crochet, called Long-Chain Bind Off.  Also called Crochet Bind Off, Crocheting Off.  (I can do that!)  Here’s the book I recently acquired.  It’s a great resource.  Although I have got a lot to learn first.

And, there’s my bind off on the cover!

So, this will be the top of the cowl. I think it is perfectly lovely! 😀

Once I get my cowl off the sticks, I plan to put a lovely crochet edging along the bottom edge.  This will take care of the curling . . . right???  I am having trouble deciding though.  I have just about a full skein of black yarn left to work with.  I have it narrowed down to a couple patterns each from two different books.

The Complete Book of Crochet Border Designs, by Linda P. Schapper

Simple, but very nice, with picot edges.  This is where my bookmark stays, so . . .

This one is nice too . . .

Or, there are some nice choices from . . .

crocheting on the edge, by nicky epstein. Fabulous designer!

“heidi”, page 97 Black flowers would be alright, right?

“window box” which I would work with only the bottom edging.

So, I have my heart set on this project.  I will finish this one!  But first, I need some feedback please.  😀

Ta ta for now!

GMa Ellen


As I preview this post (over and over!)  I am thinking the last edging I have shown is quite lovely, and fitting for the project.  But . . . the flowers are nice too!  (Says the world’s worst decision maker.)

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30 Responses to Caron’s Simply Soft, simply knit . . .

  1. It looks beautiful so far; I love color gradations. I think I like the window box edging best, personally.

  2. You are very bad for me! I want those edging books! At least Christmas is coming up 🙂 Although I love the flowers I think that they may not be right for the yarn? I wonder if it needs a slightly simpler design? (I will not be offended either way and look forward to seeing what you do.)

  3. G-Ma, edging is the best, and the absolute worst, or a project. You already have the spaces, from your bind-off, and that window box edging will utilize those spaces beautifully, I think.
    If it still curls? So what? It will only curl so far with the edging, and since its a cowl, it won’t matter. Think it through before you frog the piece. It’s pretty! Simply Soft is a beautiful yarn, very forgiving, so if it’s a bit too long, it might just softly fold into place and feel like heaven!

    • Thank you for your words of encouragement! It really gives me something to think about now. So, you’re saying I should use the edge of the window box edging on my bind off edge. That should take care of the curl on that end, hopefully. Then, the other edge . . . anyway, all the whole thing does right now is curl up on both ends and turns inside out. I’ll stick with it tho.

      • The other edge…maybe a loosely applied double crochet row? That’s going to be a tough edge to stop the curling. You might have to hem it.

      • Well, this has definitely been a learning experience for me! I really appreciate your input. Stay tuned, I may, or may not get to wear this one day. 😀

      • You can always frog it and cast on from a couple of rows of crochet, or a nice crochet edging, like that sweet simple shell and picot you were looking at…

      • That is an excellent idea. Now I just need to learn how to pick up stitches. Something I have been wanting to do.

      • Well. I can’t really knit, but believe it or not, this I can do. go figure! Your knitting needles and crochet hook should be about the same size, work that last row of crochet loosely…If you’re working an open work edging, you should cap it with a row of loose single crochet stitches, or mahf-doubles…whatever strikes your fancy! You should pick up your stitches from the “right” side of the crochet, so work your last row on the “wrong side. Now, chain 1, turn, drop the hook (but leave the loop) and pick up the needle. Insert your needle into the loop you had on the hook, and pick up one loop from every stitch across the row. Once you have them all loaded, you’re knitting!
        I hope this helps!!

  4. Forgot to mention, you can cut the yarn after you pick up that first loop (or when you get them all loaded) and bring it back into the work from the other end once you have your stitches loaded. Oops!

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  6. Shawna Scott says:

    I can see how you can’t make a decision! All of those edges are beautiful! I love the first picot that your showed the best! Can’t wait to see your project when it’s finished! 🙂

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