Shawl. Comments: LiveInternet – Russian Service Online Diaries (link)

I found this while browsing Pinterest today:Pineapple stitch crochet shawl, diagram

Shawl. Comments: LiveInternet – Russian Service Online Diaries.

There are a couple other diagram patterns on this page which are quite stunning also.  But I have always had a soft spot for the pineapple stitch pattern.  I think I got that from my Gramma Lucy!

I could soooo do this!  I am dying to start one . . .

“WHAT!?” you are saying . . . “starting another project!?”  Not yet, but it is definitely on my list of things to do!

Any thoughts?


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I am a recently widowed, mother of three wonderful, grown children, G-Ma (Grandma) to seven beautiful grandchildren. I work full time at a nearby grocer as the Pricing Coordinator. In my spare time, I craft and blog. Crochet is my obsession, my compulsion. My best friend, my therapist. I also have learned I love to knit! Who knew??? I may never be a master knitter, but I am a happy knitter. :D Work, family, Women's Pool League, crafting and blogging. Pretty much takes up every waking minute of every day, but besides that I love movies and music (which I can enjoy while I am crafting!). And here I thought I didn't have a life! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog. I appreciate every click. :D My Etsy
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5 Responses to Shawl. Comments: LiveInternet – Russian Service Online Diaries (link)

  1. Crochet says:

    Hello G-ma, it’s beautiful !!! Pineapples are nice looking on any project. Can I ask you the name of the technique you used for the rug? I forgot the name: where you take one strand of two colors to crochet?

    • Thank you so much!
      The rug . . . I was unaware there was a name for the technique. With the rug, I just work with two strands of yarn together. At intervals I will just switch one strand so that I am working with two colors together, then change back. So, I started with one strand of ecru held together with one strand of grey. Then, I dropped the ecru and worked two strands of grey together, and so on.

      In the post with the coozies, there is a technique where you carry one strand along while you crochet with the other and switch back and forth to form a pattern. I think this is called ‘tapestry crochet’. Maybe this is what you are referring to?

  2. You must have read my mind!

  3. It’s lovely. I’d put it in the queue!

  4. Oh! Ravelry! I should . . .Thanks!!

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