Re: Hexagonal Motif, Always! Check your work!

So, I was getting somewhere, I thought, on creating ‘something wonderful’ with my curly wurly motifs!  \o/ right!?

5 motifs completed and worked together. Beautiful!!! I am so happy!  (Except, I need to remember to work in the ends as I go.  I hate doing them all at the end)

All I need are two more motifs worked on to the upper part, and then work straight up for a fabulous bag.  Can’t wait!  But . . . WAIT!  CRAP!  I found a mistake . . . It was in one of the first three motifs I made I think.  Can you see it?  Top center motif . . .

There should be 5 dtr posts between each curly. This one only has FOUR. 😦

This is what it should look like

5 dtr posts between the curlies

So, now what am I to do??? I am certainly not going to undo all this.  blah, grrr, expetives!  As I am known to say a lot:  “rattn frattn SMATTN!!!”  (I think that’s Yosemite Sam)

Well.  I have been thinking about it a lot.  I guess I can fudge it, and work the connection in between the posts.  It will, after all, be the bottom of the bag and no one will be the wiser.  (Except for all you nice folks, and ME, of course.)  I feel like I can’t give up now!

Any thoughts on the matter???

Oh, in case you haven’t read the previous post, here is the link:



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4 Responses to Re: Hexagonal Motif, Always! Check your work!

  1. Hmm well here is what I think. I think who is going to notice? Someone once told me that you have to make mistakes in work because you are not God and only He is perfect? BUT if it were me I would find it hard to leave… I am not sure if that helps at all but maybe some food for thought? Sorry

  2. I am usually pretty detail oriented, but this one got by me, almost too late now! I would have to dismantle almost the whole thing, That would mean taking back the last row of almost every motif, and putting it back together again. 😦

  3. thebeadden says:

    It is so beautiful just the way it is. I love the curly bits.

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