I Love Single Crochet!

So many of my projects are completely single crochet, or begun with a base of single crochet.  I think that in it’s simplicity it can be very understated elegance.

Many of my projects will start out the same way exactly, and will take on a life of their own!

Here are a few examples from my Etsy shop:

These projects all started out the same . . .

I love this little handbag! Pretty purple satin lining, with a handy key fob included.

Pretty Pink and Purple Car Blanket, Couch Throw. In the round

Beautiful Rag Rug . . . 3 ft across

I love these ‘mug rugs’! One strand worsted weight cotton yarn together with one strand size 10 cotton thread. ♥

Two strands of worsted weight cotton yarn together.

Last but not least . . .

Beautiful blue shell stitch nesting baskets

These baskets started out exactly like all the examples above, then went straight up with a simple shell stitch pattern.

Here is one project I had to keep for myself!  (Now . . . if I can only find the photos in my menagerie of a collection!)

Basket made by working single crochet around twine

Here is a work-in-progress.  I’ll just keep going until I feel it is ‘finished’.

Throw/area/scatter rug, WIP. (Can you see my new stash in the background? It’s sitting there screaming ‘pick me next!’ LOL

Close up. Two strands together using worsted weight cotton yarn.

Area rug, WIP.  That’s all the grey I have left.  Then on to two strands of natural.

Well, that’s all for now.  I actually had another great project I made, a bag, but sadly could not find the photos.  Another day . . .

About gmaellenscraftycorner

I am a recently widowed, mother of three wonderful, grown children, G-Ma (Grandma) to seven beautiful grandchildren. I work full time at a nearby grocer as the Pricing Coordinator. In my spare time, I craft and blog. Crochet is my obsession, my compulsion. My best friend, my therapist. I also have learned I love to knit! Who knew??? I may never be a master knitter, but I am a happy knitter. :D Work, family, Women's Pool League, crafting and blogging. Pretty much takes up every waking minute of every day, but besides that I love movies and music (which I can enjoy while I am crafting!). And here I thought I didn't have a life! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog. I appreciate every click. :D My Etsy www.etsy.com/shop/gmaellen
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13 Responses to I Love Single Crochet!

  1. thebeadden says:

    You are one talented woman!

  2. caityrosey says:

    I love that rag rug. Some day I should learn to crochet so I can make things like that. I think things like that rag rug motivate me more than any other type of crochet project. Just doesn’t seem like it would work that well for knitting.

    If I recall correctly, my grandmother used to make stuff like that. She was so handy. She caned chairs, refinished furniture, fixed the plumbing, you name it.

    • Well! If I could help motivate someone to learn a new craft, that would be fantastic! And you already have your grandmother’s inspiration as well. I love that. Both my grandmothers were amazing women! I often feel my crafting helps keep their memory alive.

  3. abqmurphy says:

    What a cute post about the variety you can get out of one stitch. Great job.

  4. Crochet says:

    WoW!!!! you’ve got talent!!! I love your area rug!!!!

  5. Oh I wish I listened to my gramma when I was younger. The thing is I was too active to sit still and listen to her say “make a hoop, get it in, pull…” Now I really envy your works. 🙂

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