Crochet Inspiration: Hexagonal Motif

This photo has been making the rounds on Pinterest a lot, as of late.  I really think these bags are . . . the ‘cat’s meow’!

SUMMER DAYS PATTERN BOOKLET  – This booklet contains 8 crochet patterns, as well as 1 knitted.

Here is another pattern for a beautiful afghan using the ‘curlique’ motif:

Curlicue Hexagons Afghan Pattern. Click the photo to view it at Maggie’s Crochet where you can purchase this pattern. Receive it by mail, or pdf.

Now, to the point.  I have been scouring my book library for weeks because I just  knew I had seen this motif pattern somewhere.  Trouble is . . . my library is quite extensive!  Well!  I finally found it!!!

Crochet Inspiration [Hardcover]
Sasha Kagan (Author)

On pages 132 – 133, a photo, written and diagram pattern for those lovely ‘curly wurly’ motifs.  So . . . I may not end up with the shopping bags in the end, but I have been inspired to make something fabulous with this motif.

The following photos will show you what I have done so far.

Using size 10 mercerized cotton thread and a size 5 steel crochet hook:

crochet, pink, curly wurly motif – humble beginnings

To make a curlique:  Ch 12, work 5 dc in 4th ch from hook, work 5 dc in next and each rem ch to end, then sl st in same place as ch 12.

By comparing my motif and the shopping bags, I feel like the ‘curlique’ was done a little different somehow.  Puffier.  Perhaps with triple crochet instead of double???

crochet, pink, curly wurly motif, round 3

last round

Joining the motifs using the picots

Motifs joined point to point, from 3rd tr tr to 3rd tr tr stitches.

Well . . . so far, so good!

 I wonder how long it would take me to make a bedspread??? Couple years probably. :p  (Delusions of  grandeur!)

About gmaellenscraftycorner

I am a recently widowed, mother of three wonderful, grown children, G-Ma (Grandma) to seven beautiful grandchildren. I work full time at a nearby grocer as the Pricing Coordinator. In my spare time, I craft and blog. Crochet is my obsession, my compulsion. My best friend, my therapist. I also have learned I love to knit! Who knew??? I may never be a master knitter, but I am a happy knitter. :D Work, family, Women's Pool League, crafting and blogging. Pretty much takes up every waking minute of every day, but besides that I love movies and music (which I can enjoy while I am crafting!). And here I thought I didn't have a life! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog. I appreciate every click. :D My Etsy
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24 Responses to Crochet Inspiration: Hexagonal Motif

  1. sophieshats says:

    Boy there is alot of work into this pattern. But well worth it in the end.

  2. How weird! I have just been making swirly whirly jewellery. Not sure if it workds however but I love the flowers. Bedspread would take a lot of yarn!!

  3. thebeadden says:

    I forgot to mention click on the catalog tab. They are pdf files. All free downloads though!

  4. reWOLLuzza says:

    You’re right, the curly-thingies in the shopping bags seem to be ‘wound-up’ more tightly. I’ll be watching out for follow-ups to see if you solve the mystery and what you will do with it. (A bedspread though… you’ve got more courage than I 🙂 )

  5. Crochet says:

    I like the way you try to resolve “enigmas” I do too. To me it seems that the yarn is different and maybe a little more stitches for it to be puffier….

  6. Crochet says:

    but yours is cute too!!!!

  7. craftcastic says:

    I love Hexagon afghans! I recently made one (but haven’t posted anything on it yet!). These are just lovely!

  8. ayesha says:

    wow that is great thank you so much for posting its pattern .love you

  9. Jane says:

    Ohhh! I want to try it! Thank you!

  10. Donarie says:

    I need help starting the hexagonal swirly motif. How much chains and single crochets do I need?
    This is a beautiful tote bag.


  11. Diane says:

    I was hoping the pattern to make the purse was here

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